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1) This warranty covers materials and labor to correct any defect in workmanship arising from repairs and refinishing performed under the original repair order. It does not cover incidental losses, i.e. towing, loss of earnings, per them expenses, rental car cost, or any other claims of any nature. Member shop's obligations under this warranty are limited to replacing or repairing defective parts or materials under the manufacturers'/vendors' warranty and correcting necessary workmanship, including refinishing.

2) This limited warranty is only extended to the customer listed on the reverse side of this document and is not transferable.

3) The work performed could fail due to no fault of the repairing facility. Adjacent or related parts to the repaired areas could fail, causing damage to the original repair. Under these circumstances this warranty will not apply.

4) In no event shall the parts warranty extend beyond the terms offered by the manufacturer or vendor.


1) Vehicle should be washed frequently.

2) Vehicle should be waxed seasonally, or at least in six-month intervals.

3) Salt, chemicals, tree sap, environmental exposure and other foreign matter must be removed immediately from vehicle's surface.

4) Dents, chips and scratches must be repaired to keep Warranty valid.

5) Any damage caused by neglect, abuse or misuse is not covered under this Warranty.


1) Always take vehicle back to the original repair shop whenever possible.

2) The itemized copy of the repair bill must be kept with this warranty and presented to the repairing facility.

3) If you have a problem away from home, place a collect call* to the number listed by the original member repair shop. They will give you instructions and the name of the nearest participating ASA member.

4) No warranty repairs shall be done unless they are performed at the original member repair shop or approved in writing. This written approval must be obtained from the original member repair shop (listed on the reverse side of this form) prior to any repairs to be performed.

*When making a collect call to repairing shop, have telephone operator specify the call is in reference to a warranty repair claim.

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