American Standox, Inc. is already setting tomorrow’s standards for body shop refinishing, right down to our Standox Lifetime Warranty. We’ve brought quality and reliability together to give you a program that is second to none. American

Standox, Inc. covers Herberts Standox products when used by an Authorized Standox Body Shop in compliance with the American Standox, Inc. technical specifications to refinish automobiles and other passenger vehicles.



1) In order to become an Authorized Standox Body Shop, the business will meet the following requirements:
A. An individual(s) who has a minimum of one (1) year experience in an automotive body shop or vocational school experience must be employed as a pointer by the body shop and

B. The individual(s) must attend a Herberts Standox Warranty Certification Training Course. Successful completion of this course will allow the individual(s) to become certified as a painter for Standox.

2) Only Standox refinish products are covered under the Terms and Conditions of the Standox Lifetime Warranty.

3) These products must be used according to the American Standox, Inc. procedures recommended in the Herberts Standox Technical Data Sheets.

4) The body shop must be suitably equipped with the following:
A. A well-maintained, sealed, and regularly serviced pre-manufactured spray booth which circulates air at a rate of at least 11,000 cubic feet per minute; and

B. A compressed air dry system that is in good working order, regularly serviced, and located in such an area to draw clean air, and comply with the pressure specifications outlined in the Herberts Standox, Technical Data Sheets.

5) A clean shop environment should exist at all times, especially in the body shop’s point preparation and mixing areas.

6) The body shop must keep the following documents:
A. A copy of the original estimate,

B. A copy of the customer invoice, and

C. The body shop copy portion of the Warranty Certificate.


Certification of refinisher by an authorized Standox trainer is a mandatory part of the Standox Lifetime Warranty. This insures that the refinisher has completed the Herberts Standox Painter Certification Training Course and can successfully apply Herberts Standox products in compliance with American Standox, Inc. technical specifications.

A refinisher who has successfully completed Herberts, Standox Painter Certification training will become the body shop’s certified painter. The painter’s Standox Identification Number (contained on the course completion certificate) must appear on all warranty certificates issued by the body shop.

1) The Standox Lifetime Warranty, introduced by American Standox, Inc., covers Herberts Standox products when used by an Authorized Standox Body Shop to refinish automobiles and other passenger vehicles. The warranty takes effect from the time that the refinish job is completed and continues until the customer ceases to own the vehicle. Only passenger vehicles with original finishes or previously refinished vehicles that have been stripped to bare metal are qualified for the Standox Lifetime Warranty.

2) The warranty applies only to the areas of the vehicle which have been refinished with Standox products, and only to the following defects:
A. Cracking or checking;

B. Loss of total gloss caused by hazing, chalking or fading;

C. Peeling of the topcoat or of all layers included in the process from the substrate.

3) The warranty does not extend to the following conditions:
A. Rust failures;

B. Abrasions, scratches or chips;

C. Chemical spotting or hazing of the paint caused by the use of improper detergents or the environment;

D. Any other repair work performed over previously repaired substrate material;

E. Failures on non-original replacement flexible plastic parts;

F. Any covered defect which is attributable all or in part to improper preparation of the substrate or improper application of Standox products by the shop.

4) If a defect occurs which is covered by the warranty, an Authorized Standox Body Shop will finish the defective area with appropriate Herberts Standox products without charge to the customer, as required by the terms herein.

5) In the event of the appearance of any defects covered by this warranty, the certificate holder must take the vehicle to the Standox Authorized Body Shop that did the original work to have an inspection carried out by the body shop and the Standox Representative who services the body shop. Final approval is to be authorized by the Regional Manager for American Standox, Inc.
A. American Standox, Inc. will be liable for 100 percent of the repair costs noted in 5(B) below, for failures four (4) years or less. American Standox, Inc. and the body shop will share equally the repair cost as determined in 5(B) below for failures beyond four (4) years.

B. The shop will be reimbursed for material and labor through a credit note based on the hourly rate in effect at the time the defect repair was originally made, multiplied by the hours needed to make such a repair as listed in the Mitchell Manual.

6) In the event the customer has moved away from the body shop which originally completed the repair, the vehicle may be taken to any Standox, Authorized Body Shop for inspection of work covered by the warranty. The said shop will contact their local Standox Representative for review and settlement of the claim.

7) Any authorized Standox Body Shop which stores or applies any Herberts Standox products in ways which do not comply with American Standox, Inc. technical specifications, and thereby causes any defect, damage, or injury to occur shall be solely and exclusively liable thereof. If a warranty inspection as described above reveals this to be the case, the body shop which performed the initial work shall perform the repair work at its own cost and expense.

8) The Standox Warranty is not transferrable. It is only valid for the owner of record when the vehicle was painted. The preceding warranty and the warranty contained in the Standox Warranty Certificate is the only warranty made by American Standox, Inc. This warranty may not be modified, amended or affected in any way by any statement, act or omission of any person. This warranty gives the customer specific legal rights, and the customer may also have other rights which may vary from state to state or province to province. Warranty is guaranteed by: American Standox, Inc.


Should a vehicle covered by the Standox Lifetime Warranty show evidence of a point failure covered by the warranty, the vehicle owner is to return the vehicle to the Standox. Authorized Body Shop that initially performed the point repair. The body shop will perform an initial inspection, verify the claim against the Standox Lifetime Warranty, and ensure that the necessary paperwork exists (original estimates, original invoice, Warranty Certificate). The Standox. Representative who services the body shop should then be called upon to review the claim. Final approval is to be authorized by the Regional Manager for American Standox, Inc.

Any paint defects found to be inconsistent with the terms of this guarantee will be the responsibility of the body shop or the car owner. Repairs under the former Standox. Seven Year Warranty must be approved in writing by the Standox, Regional Manager before authorization to begin repairs will be issued.
Paint Products Covered by Warranty:

All products in the Standox system, which are listed in the current price list at the time of painting the car, are covered by the Standox Lifetime Warranty when used in compliance with American Standox, Inc. technical specifications, except as listed below:

Fluorescent Colors

Brilliant Effect Colors

Plastic System used on non-original bumpers

Other than Standox brand body fillers.

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